The Benefits of a Branded Uniform


Having a custom branded uniform for your business can be one of the most cost effective forms of marketing. But that’s just one of many other benefits.

Strengthen your company identity

Your company uniform is an important part of your visual identity. Whether you already have an easily recognisable brand or are looking to increase awareness of your brand, company uniforms are a fantastic opportunity to enhance your brand. Your employees essentially become walking advertisements for your business and your customers can see you’re a company that cares about the details.

Nail that first impression

No matter what business you’re in, you want to make a great first impression with your customers. A branded uniform has the power to convey trustworthiness and create confidence in a fraction of a second, contributing significantly to your customers’ overall experience.

Encourage a sense of pride

A well-designed branded uniform instils a sense of pride in your employees and the work they do, which in turn enhances your customers’ experience. It also helps to reinforce team culture and promote inclusivity.

How easy is it to add a brand logo?

At Deane Apparel, our in-house alterations factory makes adding your brand to our workwear garments seamless at order entry. Our internal management process ensures high quality and prompt delivery. We are specialists in embroidery, print shop badges and screen printing ensuring that you get a superior result to suit your requirements.

In-house customisation

In addition to your branding requirements, our highly skilled alterations team have the flexibility to customise any Deane Appeal off-the-shelf product to meet your specific requirements, and we can do it in a fast, cost-effective way.