Plastic Bags Get Binned at Deane


Removing plastics from a business is a journey of many small steps and Deane has just taken another.

Last week we wrapped the polo shirts coming from our embroidery department in a plastic bag for the last time. From now on, any badged, embroidered, or screen printed polos from this Auckland facility will come with a recycled roll sealed with paper tape.

Made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified recycled paper, the rolls are the initiative of Laura Heraud, our Research and Development Manager, and her colleagues in our Design Department. They replace the plastic bags that used to protect almost 10,000 polos every year.

Similar packaging change-outs are on their way for other garment categories. Deane customers can also opt for polos without individual wrapping of any kind, and Laura says plenty of them are doing just that.

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