Why Deane

A Supply Chain That Delivers

Twelve mills, 16 factories, 2.5 million garments a year. One world-class supply chain.


With supplier relationships that extend in some cases more than 30 years, Deane enjoys exceptional negotiating power and a laser-like ability to identify the perfect textile and garment manufacturers for your needs. The result: The right clothing for your business, delivered at the right time and at the right price.



Deane owns its patterns. Combined with rigorous quality control, ongoing audits, a team of dedicated supply chain managers and Deane’s policy of selecting at least two partner factories for each garment category, that adds up to day-in, day-out quality.



High volumes of high-quality garments? Short runs and fast delivery? Outsize orders? Sustainable fabrics? The branding advantages of production in Australia and New Zealand? With Deane’s supply chain, the answer is always yes.


Ethical Sourcing

Deane’s garment manufacturers all comply with Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) standards for ethical working conditions. Our textile mill direct partners also meet OEKO-TEX® product safety standards for fabrics that are “harmless to health, environmentally friendly and manufactured in a fair way”. The benefit for you? The confidence in a supply chain that comes with globally-recognised standards and third-party auditing.

Success Stories