The Shift To Sustainability: You’re Wearing It


Sustainability has a feel-good factor, but for those charged with making it happen, it can also be hard work.

One example: Laura Heraud, Deane’s sustainable fabrics champion. Heraud is our Research and Development Manager and one of her responsibilities is the introduction of a new generation of fabrics made from natural and recycled fibres. It’s a passion project for Heraud, who increasingly finds herself pursuing a green agenda in her life outside work, but it most certainly has required persistence.

“There is a general shift in the industry and amongst our customers towards sustainable fabrics,” Heraud explains, “but it has taken time for textile suppliers and other components of the supply chain to get up to speed. On occasions, I’ve had to choose not to be discouraged and to keep pushing.”

That was a couple of years ago. This year, especially, says Heraud, there are signs the supply chain is coming to the party. “They’re aligning,” she says. “The mindset for sustainability is much broader now.”

The result for Deane’s customers is a steadily growing portfolio of sustainable fabric options. The first one was introduced in 2018 and we now offer 13 eco-fabrics. Amongst them is a range of printed and plain tops for the healthcare sector, made from recycled bottles and available from stock.  Heraud is presently working on a 100 percent recycled polyester softshell and polo pique.  After that, she says, there is so much potential. “We have a target for 70 percent of our stock fabrics to be sustainable. Over time, that’s realistic. If we can do more, you can bet we will.”

If you’d like to learn more about Deane’s sustainable fabric options, email or call 09 262 2664 to speak to one of our account managers.